Tuesday, July 04, 2006

20th June - The breath taking flight !

The Delhi - Leh flight is supposed to be one the best to be on. We can tell you that it was! Breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains. There were many ranges with snow clad peaks. The interesting views were of the melting snow moving between the mountains in the form of streams. On a number of peaks the snow was to be found only on the top and the rest had already melted. As you start from Delhi, you find clouds all under you till the time you entire the mountain ranges. If you are lucky (we were!), then the clouds clear as you enter the mountain ranges allowing you to enjoy the view.

We checked in on the internet a day before and got window seats for both of us! Its obvious, but make you sure you dont take the ones over the wings.

Photographs taken from the Delhi-Leh Flight.

We were wondering how the Jet airways plane is going to land in the middle of the mountains. It was the normal size boeing aircraft. Leh is the only low lying(comparatively) place in the middle of the mountains. Its also one of the few stretches of plain land. We saw the plane circle around a mountain and then enter the valley. There was so little time to approach the runway and land, or so we felt. We were relieved when we landed intact. The airport is nothing to speak about. The smallest I have seen. It consists of just the landing strip and parking space for 4 aircrafts and one baggage belt.

The Leh Airport

As soon as we got down breathing became heavy. Welcome to Leh at 11,500ft. The oxygen levels are supposed to be much lower than sea level and Acute mountain sickness can be quite troubling. We had to decide how do we make sure that we dont suffer from it!


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